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Vulture City



We are excited to have the incredible Arizona goldmine ghost town of Vulture City for our first collection. Please watch this video. Below is the roadmap for the first few Vulture City series we have planned.

We expect this to evolve as our community grows.

First NFT series from the Bygone NFT

Vulture City NFT Collection

#1 Collectible

MINER'S EQUIPMENT CARDS: 1,000 NFTs - Released 2/22/'22

The first series of collectible NFTs in the Vulture City Collection is the Miner’s Equipment Cards. 1000 unique NFT cards is minted focusing on some of the equipment used at Vulture City in its heyday. Varying degrees of rarity is baked into the collection and there will NEVER be another issuance of these cards again… in other words, these will be the only 1,000 cards from this series ever minted. At launch on 2/22/’22, the cards will be hidden for the first week. Once purchased, they will appear under a sheet. One week later, on 3/1/’22 we will have a reveal, remove the sheet and everyone will see what card they got. Below are a couple videos that dig a bit deeper into this historic series and below that, is more info on the rarity breakdown. (btw, all puns are intended)

Here are some videos with more info about this series



4 different backgrounds
4 different card suits
8 different icons
3 different sides
3 different circles

#2 Collectible


The second series of collectible NFTs will be animated images made with custom photography and play on some of the people and stories of the city as well as just slices of life back then at a place like this. This is being planned to be an ongoing series with new NFTs offered over time. 

  • Short Videos or GIFs
  • Local Artists/Photographers
  • Celebrity Artists/Photographers
  • Blend Old/New Photography
  • Time-lapse Restoration
  • Ghosts and Hauntings
  • Children of Vulture City Schoolhouse
  • Discoveries
  • Hope
  • Tragedy

#3 Collectible


These NFTs will be forever linked to an actual artifact on the property. This example below is tied to one of the two pianos at Vulture City. This piano is in the Brothel. An NFT will be minted for the Brothel Piano and be utilized in the following 4 ways:

Physical Property NFT

The Physical Property NFTs will be still or animated images of the piano with coordinates of its physical location. These NFTs will be vital in our work toward building authenticated digital representations of the physical property. The holder of this NFT will receive several accompanying unique, authorized image NFTs of the artifact via airdrop. I am hoping to involve local and celebrity photographers and other artists in future drops which should make these Physical Property NFTs even more special.

Story Cards

Bygone NFT will bring history to life with interactive storytelling. Story Cards will be used to unlock parts of the story lines. I’ll reveal more about how this will work later. But for now, just know that when you own a Physical Property NFT, you will be gifted Story Card NFTs that include your artifact, like the piano in this example.

QR Connector

We will be able to tag the property (in this case, the piano) with some kind of digital recognition technology such as a QR code. Visitors to the property will be able to scan these QR codes with their phones, for example, to pull up additional information and digital files. This is all under development at this time, but the possibilities include:

1. Historical information about the artifact.

2. Story lines that. involve that artifact.

3. A page containing whatever the current NFT owner wants to be displayed. Could be the owner’s identity, other NFTs they own, a website, a call to action, access to metaverse space they own, etc. The software for this needs to be developed. And we need to figure out how this information can be changed by a new owner when/if the first owner sells their NFT in the future. This is the fun big ideas we are working on at Bygone NFT.


Access and other perks in the growing authentic metaverse. NFT will own a piece of the metaverse and be an important part of it.